My Journey

I like to think of myself as tri-cultural: a Barbadian American girl living in New Zealand. Born in Barbados, West Indies, I immigrated to the United States at age 19 for my higher education, first for a BSc and MSc in Nutrition and then onto California for medical school. I settled in California for 30 years, finished medical school, got married, raised a family and had a private practice in Family Medicine with an emphasis on Women's Health and Preventive Medicine.

In 2005 I first visited New Zealand and fell in love with it. With children grown and gone and a yen for travel I immigrated here in 2008 and settled in the Bay of Plenty. I really enjoyed working as a GP in New Zealand and after two years qualified for Fellowship with the Royal New Zealand College of GPs. One of the really fun and interesting aspects of my job was working as a locum GP for 3 years, travelling throughout NZ from Auckland to Central Otago. Eventually, I settled back down in the BOP working for a medical group in Mount Maunganui. In 2018 I retired from general practice and went travelling extensively.

During my years of practising medicine, I also became involved in more holistic medicine and movement therapies. About 22 years ago I attended my first Cortical Field Re-education workshop. It was based on participants performing a series of floor movement lessons as well as having individualized hands-on sessions. The aim was to enable the nervous system to re-member more functional movements. I had been having some neck problems and overall stiffness. I was astounded at the results. Not just for myself but for other participants as well: one person arrived with 2-day old fractured ribs which are very painful and was on heavy-duty pain medication. At the end of the week, he needed no medication. Another had chronic vertigo for 2 years – these symptoms were completely relieved and her vision improved so she no longer needed reading glasses. Another participant who had a totally fused spine with rods in her back could now do twisting and rotational movements that should not have been possible. It often seemed nothing short of miraculous and I was hooked.

When the leader of the workshop, Harriet Goslins, announced that she was offering a 3-year training for other people I decided I needed to it. I had seen results that I had not seen in the regular medical world of orthopaedics, physical therapy or rehabilitation medicine.The time during this training was one of great personal expansion and growth for me. Not only did Harriet train us in functional movement principles based on the Feldenkrais method but also introduced us to other methodologies such as Cranial Sacral Therapy and visceral manipulation which complimented her work. And we were encouraged to examine the emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual aspects that contribute to clients lives and conditions including our own.

During and after my training as I continued my regular medical practice I also maintained my interest in CFR by attending workshops 2-3 times a year and working with friends, family and some patients.

After my retirement, I decided to devote more time to offering this modality to a broader base of clients and am very happy to have a room at NextStep gym which is a rehab gym with many wonderful practitioners.

Education & Certifications

  • BSc(Hon) Nutrition. Andrews University, Michigan

  • Msc Nutrition, Cornell University, New York

  • MD Medicine, Stanford University, California

  • Fellow, Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, Retired Cortical Field Re-education, 3-year training

  • Chi Nei Tsang, two training courses

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy Level 1 training

  • Bioflex Laser System training course


My Approach

I have always been intensely interested in “what makes people tick?”; the complexities and intricacies of what makes us human. And I have always questioned “what works?” whether it’s within or outside the borders of traditional western medicine. Western medicine offers huge benefits not so much to “health”, but to illness and acute injury and I for one am glad to be living in a time where we have so much available to us. And I’m also profoundly grateful to the other pioneers and practitioners in the more “holistic” health care fields.

I have found that the therapies of Cortical Field Re-education (CFR), Chi Nei Tsang (CNT)and Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) blend very well together when working individually with clients. For instance, I often use some CST techniques helps to calm the system and make the body more receptive to the functional movement lessons of CFR. Or when a client has had significant abdominal surgeries, pelvic injuries from childbirth etc, CNT can help to relieve pressure on not just the organs and gut but also the musculoskeletal system. Using the Bioflex laser in a separate session to treat injuries or arthritis helps to speed along recovery and compliments the work of the manual sessions.