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Cortical Field Re-Education

Restore functional movement and re-educate the nervous system

What is Cortical Field Re-Education?

Cortical Field Re-education (CFR) promotes re-education of the brain and nervous system that reminds clients of more upgraded functional ways of movement that have been forgotten or excluded from our usual way of doing things, to go beyond the limits that have occurred as a result of stress, an accident, an operation or simply to find newer and easier ways of walking, sitting, turning and getting up.

Research in neurophysiology shows that the nervous system has the ability to reorganize itself. By stimulating this potential to "relearn",  improvements can be quickly felt in posture, flexibility, balance, coordination and overall well-being.

How Does a CFR session work?

CFR sessions are typically performed individually or in small group classes. Individual sessions are performed on a massage bed or chair with the client fully-clothed. Using gentle, soft and non-invasive movements June will guide the client's body and nervous system to remember more functional ways to move, releasing unconscious restrictions and exploring new patterns of movement, or to help refine pre-existing movements. These movements allow participants to improve both the range and quality of their movement.

In small group classes, up to 4-5 clients lie on the floor while the teacher gives specific instructions guiding the students through a series of slow mindful movements. Classes can also be done sitting in a chair or standing. Each class is designed to tie into the movements of daily life, making them less effortful and more elegant. 

The Benefits of CFR

  • Improvement of musculoskeletal pain and injury

  • Help with movement difficulties

  • Promotes balanced posture and improved balance

  • Upgrading movements of everyday life 

  • Recovery of a sense of confidence and improvement of movement with many chronic conditions such as Parkinson's, Spinal cord injury and Stroke

  • Encourages healthy aging by overcoming physical limitations as we age

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